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Handmade bookmark is a great way to keep track of the place you are. Whether you are reading a novel or any kind of books. It's more attractive than just a piece of paper stuck in the place where you are at! And this time, it was a great experience for me to collaborate with a non-profit organization, Four Letr Word. I have made total 56 origami love bookmarks as a gift for book lovers. No two bookmarks are alike and wishing these bookmarks put a smile on any bookworm's face. 

By the way, they will have a vendor booth at Art For Grabs event on this coming weekend 28/29 September 2013 at The Annexe Gallery Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. Please feel free to come and don't miss it!

For more information, please visit :

A series of small love brings a big love together.
Material : Recycled magazine paper | double sided tape

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